Install your frameless glass frames with ease using these spigots. They ensure a neat and tidy finish.

 When setting up new frameless glass fencing, finding the right spigot makes a world of difference. Fortunately, we offer a diverse range of different spigot options, along with any other supplies you’ll need for installation. Our spigot selection will guarantee your frameless glass fencing looks sleek, is free of any unappealing fixing sticking out, and painless to set-up. From base-plated options to core drilled models, we have various spigot types available.

 We also offer covers and all the extra fixing hardware you need – from grout to fixing rods! We give you the Outback Fencing founder’s “Lee Guarantee.” Not only will you love the final look, but you can rest assured these spigots will provide the right structure and integrity. Our spigot models also come in different finishes, and use a reliable friction fit technology. All of these spigots are up to the Australian safety standards, and we also put them through strict quality testing procedures.

We also offer a Glass Mate Install Tool!

This makes installing spigots and glass fencing a breeze! Its design is revolutionary, allowing you to install your glass fencing panels with more accuracy and precision. The tool allows you to easily adjust the position and tilt angle of the fencing panels down to the millimetre! It’s also fitted with rubber grips, which ensures a scratch-free installation.

 Need any support or guidance? The Outback Fencing founder, Lee, offers a range of video tutorials for setting up new glass pool fencing with spigots. We also offer a Free Online Fence Builder tool that’ll help you plan everything out. It’ll even pick out the type of spigot, any extra hardware required, and the exact number you’ll need. What are you waiting for?

 Get the right fence in days enjoy it for years. It all starts with a secure foundation, the right spigot.

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Spigot Installation Videos At The Bottom Of The Page


Lee, the founder of Outback Fencing, is passionate about making the process easier for all of our customers. So, he has taken the time to record installation videos for most fencing options from our spigot supplies. In these videos you will see just how easy a DIY glass fence installation can be. If you still have questions about your spigots, Australia residents should feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

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Online supply means you can get started on your installation immediately. All our products come with a 7 year fencing warranty. Because of our online services and our warehouses situated across Australia, we cut out most of our overhead costs, while still providing convenient collection services and expedited deliveries for rural areas.

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