Custom Width Aluminium Gate Converters 1200mm high - For Pearl White Flat Top Pool Fencing

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Custom Width Aluminium Gate Converters 1200mm high - For Pearl White Flat Top Pool Fencing

Build your dream gate to go along with your fantasy fencing with these converters.

With these converters, you can turn any of our pearl white fencing panels into a gate! Best of all, you get to choose the size/width.

You can cut the fencing panel to be used along with these converters to be as long (or as short) as you want. Tailor the gate’s size to suit your needs.

  • These converters are 1200mm high.
  • They can be used for gates up to 1500mm wide.
  • Please only use these gate converters for boundry fence use (not pool use. better to use our 975mm wide pool gate instead for pool use)

Reminder: These are designed to be used with the pearl white fencing panels we offer in our store. You can check out the panels and related hardware here.

The converters come in a matching pearl white finish, and are constructed from a heavy-duty, top-grade aluminium material.

They also feature a genuine Interpon powder coating, which adds a layer of protection and resilience to the converters.

The powder coating will protect it from any abrasion and wear-and-tear. It’ll keep the converter’s paint scratch-free, and you won’t need to worry about rusting!

How do you use these gate converters?

Amazing question! Here is a quick rundown:

  • Get one of our matching pearl white fence panels (sold separately) and cut it down to the desired gate size.
  • Make sure to leave a 30mm gap on picket ends on both sides of the fence panel.
  • The converters simply just slide right into the panel, and then need to be fixed with screws.
  • The process is just that easy!

If you require any help or have questions regarding installation, feel free to reach out and contact us. You can send us an email at: or call: (02)40620386.

We’re always happy to assist wherever we can. We try to respond to enquiries and calls as soon as possible.

Remember to always check with your local pool fencing laws and regulations.

You can always check with your local council for rules regarding pool fencing gates. We don’t recommend going wider than 1.5 metres for these gates.

*If you’re planning to use these converters for a double gate set-up, that shouldn’t be used for pool areas either.

We aim to deliver our products within a 3-7 business day timeframe if you’re in a metro area. So, you can get right into installing and enjoying your fencing!

We also have 7 Year Warranty on all Outback Fencing products.

Outback Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty. (Subject to warranty conditions - see our terms and conditions).