Front Garden Design Ideas: How To Improve Your Home's Street Appeal

Front Garden Design Ideas: How To Improve Your Home's Street Appeal

Posted by Lee Benson on 22nd Dec 2023

Front Garden Design Ideas: How To Improve Your Home's Street Appeal

Australian garden designs can be pretty unique, to say the very least. Alongside our eclectic native flora and particular climatic considerations, Australian homes also possess singular architectural styles – like the iconic post-war residences that dot virtually all the metropolitan suburbs of Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney.

The unique facade of Australian homes is complemented by how we design our front gardens. Truth be told, front garden designs can make a world of difference when it comes to improving the street appeal of any residential property. And if you’re able to boost your home’s street appeal, then you can easily increase your property’s resale value, ensuring that you see a return on investing in the beautification of your front garden.

So what front garden design tips should you be keeping in mind when looking to boost your home’s street appeal? Our team here at Outback Fencing are here to answer just that question today by sharing our top front garden design ideas for not only improving on the aesthetic appeal, but also bolstering the privacy and security of your front garden space.

Invest in attractive picket fencing

When it comes to front garden design, timeless always beats trendy. And it doesn’t get any more timeless than a white picket fence. Thankfully, our PVC white picket fencing provides a contemporary twist on traditional timber white picket fences. Not only are our PVC picket fences designed to be more durable, but they’re also totally fade proof and UV-resistant, meaning that you can enjoy those clean white vertical lines that frame your sun-kissed front garden so well for decades to come. And believe us – this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of PVC fencing.

But why is picket fencing such a popular fencing style for front gardens? Well, semi-privacy picket fencing provides a seamless layer of security for your front garden. Unlike 1.8m or 2.1m fences that basically obstruct views of your home entirely, picket-style fences sit at only around 1.2m high. This is the perfect height for ensuring that you can still chat with your neighbours and feel connected to your neighbourhood whilst also keeping your front garden secure and reducing risks of trespassing.

And like all of our fencing products on offer here at Outback Fencing, our PVC white picket fences are also manufactured in accordance with Australian Fencing Standards, so you can be rest assured that they’re the perfect fit for your Aussie front garden. The modern PVC construction of our fencing melding with the timeless design of picket-style fencing also makes these fences a great addition for any contemporary Australian property.

Design with a diverse range of plants

As we mentioned, Australia is lucky enough to possess a wide range of endemic plant species – some of which are so striking that they’re basically architectural marvels all on their own. But did you know that some native Australian plants can actually attract birds, butterflies, and bees to your garden? Adding these plants to your front garden can be a great way to help promote biodiversity and wildlife conservation in your region.

Another major benefit of many types of native Australian flora is that they’re naturally hardy plants. Given Australia’s largely arid climate and big expanse of coastal biomes, a lot of native Australian plants have adapted to be drought-tolerant and even capable of withstanding heavy winds. This means that you can grow native Australian plants in even lower quality soil. Like succulents, Australian plants can also thrive well in gravelled gardens, making them a great low-maintenance and eco-friendly alternative to fussier, thirstier plants like rose bushes and box hedges.

Of course, not all plants can thrive in compacted or lower quality soil. And for many homeowners living in new home builds, it’s all too likely that your property’s soil is still recovering from being subjected to construction and all the foot and vehicular traffic that accompanies construction sites. If that’s the case, then why not invest in some PVC planter boxes to complement your PVC picket fencing? That way, you can grow an abundance of plants in and around your front garden and your porch without having to worry about bare patches.

Revamp your front porch

If you do happen to have bare patches around your front garden, however, then there are other methods that you can use (aside from placing planter pots) to put that space to good use and organically improve your home’s street appeal. For starters, you could add some outdoor living features like benches, or add a patio or porch to your property.

Verandahs, patios, or porches are another architectural feature that defines modern living in Australia. There are few things better than sitting out on your porch and watching a summer sunset that stretches on for miles on the horizon. And if you have the space in your front garden to add a porch, then why not go for it?

Adding a porch to your front garden is also a lot easier than you may expect it to be. All you really need is some decking, some shelter, and some porch decor. For those looking to get their porch set up quickly and efficiently so that it can be enjoyed this summer, then we strongly recommend you invest in some of our Trex composite decking. This sustainable, durable, and modular alternative to traditional decking is easy to install and even easier to maintain – all you need is soap and water.

And with all the time you’ll save every year on deck oiling, treating, and general deck maintenance, you can give the rest of your porch extra attention to create a front garden space that’s not just beautiful to look at, but also inviting and an extension of your property’s outdoor living spaces.

Mitigate vandalism with security gates

Finally, one of the major pain points when it comes to front garden maintenance for those living in urban areas is mitigating vandalism to your property. Vandalism usually refers to graffiti tags being added along the side of your fence or directly onto the exterior of your property, but it can also come in less overt forms (e.g. having plants in your garden damaged by passersby).

If you are concerned about vandalism and its detrimental effects on your property’s street appeal, then you do have the option to invest in security gates alongside your front garden fencing. We do actually have sliding security gates that are suitable for both commercial and residential use here at Outback Fencing. With these automatic gates, you can help protect your property frontage without impeding on the convenience of pulling directly into your driveway at the end of a long day.


With summer in full swing, now is actually the perfect time to freshen up your front garden fencing and all the other delightful design features that make your front yard brighten up your neighbourhood. So get to work this summer to create a front garden design scheme that highlights all the aesthetic aspects of your property’s facade.

Want to know more about any of the fencing and garden supplies we mentioned in today’s blog? Then be sure to contact our team at Outback Fencing to speak with one of our fencing specialists today.

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