How A New Fence Can Help Boost Your Family's Privacy

How A New Fence Can Help Boost Your Family's Privacy

Posted by Lee Benson on 24th Jun 2024

What do we look for when buying a new fence? Do we look for colour or materials when we buy fencing products? Do we consider qualities like whether the fence has been made using locally sourced materials or manufactured with sustainable practices?

For most Aussie households, these considerations do come to mind when shopping around for a new fence. But there’s one other consideration that likely takes precedence for a lot of us: whether the fence panels secure the privacy of our property.

For suburban and inner-city properties, privacy fencing can be an invaluable investment in maintaining the comfort of your home spaces. Privacy fencing can also be great fencing for dogs as they reduce the risks of dogs reacting to external stimuli and barking excessively.

And any Aussie homeowners who have installed privacy fencing on their property will likely know that these fence types come with a wide array of other benefits. Today, we’ll be talking about just some of the privacy benefits you get with a good fence. We’ll also be running through a list of some of the best fence types for privacy and security and what makes each of them such an effective choice if you’re trying to create a safe home environment.

The Benefits Of A Good Quality Fence For Privacy

Fences As A Visual Barrier

A reliable fence is absolutely essential for privacy and backyard security. One obvious way a new fence can improve your home’s privacy is by providing a visual barrier between the outside world and your home. The best fences for this purpose are those that are opaque and don’t have large gaps between them.

Fences As A Protection From Threats

Fences and security gates also serve the purpose of restricting public access to your property. The best security fences ensure complete privacy and security against trespassers and potential robbers. The best fence types to stop physical threats and keep the privacy of your home include steel or aluminium fencing.

Fences As A Demarcation Line

Perhaps the most traditional function of any type of fence is to serve as a barrier between you and your neighbours or passersby. Installing a new fence on your property creates a line of demarcation between your property and those of others, and is essential if you want to maintain the privacy of your own home.

As fences mark out your property line, they can aid in preventing conflict or confusion between you and your neighbours as well. In this regard, privacy fencing can be a great investment in maintaining strong relationships and great boundaries (literally!) with neighbours.

Soundproof Fencing

A lesser known benefit of full privacy fence panels is that some of them may actually possess noise-absorbing qualities, thanks in part to the materials used to manufacture those fencing supplies. A great example here is our PVC fencing. These high-quality fences are made from sturdy polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and have been known to be effective against muffling external noises.

The other side of this coin is that fencing options like PVC fences stop noise from getting in, creating a peaceful, private atmosphere for you and your loved ones. This is one of many reasons why PVC happens to be one of the most popular fencing materials in Australia.

Other Privacy Benefits Of A New Fence

Besides the benefits outlined above, installing a new fence on your property provides plenty of other privacy benefits for everyone living there. These include protection against the wind, shielding your property from animals, creating a safe, private environment for kids and pets, and more.

Best Fences For Privacy

Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond is a tough, lightweight and easy-to-maintain fencing material that’s fantastic if you’re looking to boost the privacy of your home. Colorbond is an Australian-designed and manufactured material made of high-tensile steel coated with powder, making it extra durable and a great fence for security.

Many homeowners are investing in Colorbond fencing as both a privacy and security measure and for how it looks. Because Colorbond fencing is pre-layered with a coat of paint, its colours can be easily customised to whatever look you’re going for.

When it comes to maximising privacy and aesthetic flexibility at home, it’s hard to beat Outback Fencing’s Colorbond fencing options. Our Colorbond fences here at Outback Fencing also happen to be 0.35mm thick, making them even more durable than typical Colorbond fences, which only have a width of 0.32mm.

PVC Full Privacy Fencing

Another option if you’re looking for a sturdy, long-lasting fence that provides excellent privacy is a full-privacy PVC fence. As the name suggests, full-privacy PVC fences provide maximum privacy as they do not have any gaps between them, as opposed to a semi-privacy PVC picket fence, which is made up of pickets with large gaps in between.

Another benefit of our full-privacy PVC fencing is that these fence panels are incredibly easy to install. And once again, PVC possesses natural sound-absorbing qualities, making this fence material a great pick for anybody looking to turn their small backyard space into a serene, urban oasis. Simply put, if you’re looking for a new fence to provide some privacy on your property that’s also low-fuss and low-maintenance, full-privacy PVC fencing is the way to go.

Aluminium Slat Fencing

Aluminium slat fencing is another great option if you’re looking to create a safe, private environment at home. These attractive fence panels boast horizontal slats that are perfect for providing privacy whilst maintaining a sleek and streamlined profile.

Aluminium is also a more affordable, lower maintenance alternative to steel that still provides durability. That, and the aesthetic colours of our aluminium slat fencing and uniform horizontal lines make aluminium fencing a great fencing style for contemporary homes.

Aluminium fences offer many of the same privacy benefits as steel without the need for powder coating to protect it from the elements. Aluminium not only protects you from potential intruders but is also a shield against extreme weather. Aluminium is resistant to both the heat and the cold and its non-porous surface ensures that it also isn’t susceptible to rust or mildew.

Security Fencing

Steel security fencing is the classic choice if you’re in the market for a new fence that gives you the best in privacy and safety. Steel is an incredibly tough material that can withstand a lot of physical force, meaning potential trespassers won’t be able to force their way inside your property.

At Outback Fencing, our steel fences are spear-tipped, which adds an extra layer of security against people trying to go over your fence. Steel security fences are also available as regular fences and as gates.

While steel requires some work to maintain its security and privacy benefits, as steel fences are as durable as you can get. A steel fence, when properly maintained, can last decades (and even centuries). For a fencing option that will provide security and privacy from generation to generation, it’s hard to beat steel fences.


If you’re looking to purchase a new fence that will ensure that your home stays safe and private, then browse through our range of great privacy fencing here at Outback Fencing today. We stock the highest quality Colorbond, PVC, Aluminium and Steel fencing and ship all over Australia

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