What Makes Colorbond Fencing A Good Investment For Your Home?

Posted by Lee Benson on 28th Sep 2023

Drive through any suburb in Australia, and you can expect to see more houses with colourful steel fencing instead of traditional timber fences and gates. Whilst this shift may be a bit of a surprise for many Aussie homeowners, our team at Outback Fencing have been pretty excited about the transition away from timber fencing and towards the durability and eye-catching design of Colorbond steel fencing.

But what makes Colorbond fencing such a valuable investment for modern Australian homes? If you’re thinking there’s more to this shift than the wide range of colours and shades available across Colorbond’s range, then you’re on the right track. To help you better understand why so many homeowners are making the switch to Colorbond fencing, we’ll be outlining some of the key benefits of Colorbond designs when compared to traditional timber fencing.

Quick and easy installation

When you pull your new Colorbond fencing panels out of their packaging, the first thing you’ll be likely to notice is that these fence panels come intact rather than in parts. This steel fencing also comes with all the rails, posts, and screws you’ll need to install them promptly and independently.

In fact, with just a little pre-planning and pre-positioning, you can have your Colorbond fences installed in the span of a single afternoon. In short, our Colorbond steel fencing is designed to be one of the fastest, easiest, and longest-lasting privacy fencing options available on the market today. But more on all these other benefits below!

Improved privacy and security

All suburban residences require tailored solutions when it comes to ensuring the privacy and security of its occupants. Whether you’ve planted privacy hedges, installed smart security cameras, added tints to your street-facing windows, or have opted instead to invest in PVC full privacy fencing, securing the privacy features that your home needs can provide plenty of peace of mind and will naturally, also allow you and your loved ones to feel more comfortable in their home space.

Thankfully, our Colorbond fencing is also constructed as full privacy panel fencing. And unlike timber fencing, you’ll never have to worry about your fence slats falling away or accruing holes, which will undoubtedly inhibit you and your family from actually being able to enjoy total privacy at home.

On top of that, the CSIRO’s flame immersion testing on our Colorbond steel fence panels revealed some exceptional results. Our Colorbond steel fencing is actually naturally fire-resistant, making it ideal for rural Australian properties and even suburban residences looking to bolster the safety and stability of their home. Investing in steel fencing that boasts an ignitability index of 0 is a great preliminary step to getting your home bushfire-safe.

The extra durability of Colorbond steel

What makes Colorbond steel authentic? For starters, all authentic Colorbond steel is crafted and rolled right here in Australia. Authentic Colorbond materials should also always be crafted with Australian-made BlueScope steel. That way, you can be rest assured that your Colorbond gates and fences have been tested to endure some of Australia’s harshest environmental and weather conditions and adheres to Australian quality standards (AS1397 & AS/NZS 2728).

Alongside already being extra durable by design and construction alone, Colorbond steel products also come with an extended warranty, thanks to the folks at BlueScope. That being said, these steel fences are naturally corrosion- and rust-resistant, so you likely won’t even need to touch your consumer warranty.

Being built with heavy-duty Colorbond steel, these modern fences also won’t be subjected to rotting, warping, or being feasted on by termites. All of these characteristics add up to ensure that your Colorbond steel gates and fences can enjoy an extra long usable lifespan that greatly surpasses the lifespan of traditional timber fencing.

Little to no maintenance requirements

Alongside fencing in Australian suburbs veering away from timber and more towards PVC, aluminium, and steel fencing, so too are Aussie homes veering further away from brick-style post-war abodes and more towards timber and plaster facades. Contemporary home design is characterised by its minimalist appearance and low maintenance design, and the same goes for contemporary fencing.

Nowadays, Aussie homeowners just prefer investing in fencing that boasts minimal maintenance requirements, and is guaranteed to look and perform at its best from season to season. And Colorbond is designed to do just that.

You can keep your Colorbond gates and fences in perfect condition with just a simple wipe down or wash here and there, as well as an oiling of gate hinges whenever it may be required. With just these foundational maintenance requirements alone, your Colorbond steel gates and fencing can provide your home with a striking boundary for years and years.

A wide range of Colorbond colours

As we briefly mentioned, Colorbond steel comes in a wide variety of modern colours and shades, including natural tones like cream, beige, and wheat. The process of manufacturing Colorbond steel also involves ‘baking’ the paint colours into the steel itself. This makes it virtually impossible for your Colorbond steel fencing to experience chips, fading, or other forms of discolouration unless the fences are subjected to extreme duress.

This means that you can enjoy the striking colour of your Colorbond fencing for decades to come – whether you’re investing in fencing for coastal properties, properties in arid areas, or even properties in windy, alpine regions.

Our Colorbond fencing panels are also available in two different full privacy styles or profiles: zig zag, and STD (or standard). The zig zag fence profile is designed to add a bit of extra depth or dimensionality to your property fencing, whilst the STD Colorbond fencing profile is designed to mimic the traditional appearance of timber fence palings.

Are there any downsides to Colorbond Fencing?

With all these benefits here for the taking, you may be wondering if there are actually any downsides or disadvantages to Colorbond fencing when compared to the other modern fencing options like our aluminium slat fencing. The only real disadvantage that our team can think of is that these full privacy steel fences can be a little pricier than cheaper fencing alternatives, like timber or lightweight PVC fencing.

But when you consider the longevity of Colorbond steel and the added durability of these fences, the upfront costs of investing in this fencing for your home start to make a lot of sense. After all, you’re paying for quality fencing that you can enjoy for not only years to come, but literally decades – and all with minimal maintenance requirements.

Want to know more about our range of Colorbond steel fencing available here at Outback Fencing? Then get in touch with our team at Outback Fencing today to inquire about any of the fencing options across our range.

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