Practical Design Tips To Help Build Your Property's Resale Value

Practical Design Tips To Help Build Your Property's Resale Value

Posted by Lee Benson on 8th Feb 2024

Australian cities tend to be a hodgepodge of different architectural styles. Driving through any suburb, you’re likely to see contemporary units, apartments, and townhouses interspersed with post-war architecture and even federation-style houses. This eclectic street frontage provides plenty of variety for prospective homebuyers, but also unique opportunities for Aussie homeowners who may be looking to sell their homes, or even buy property for the purpose of renovating and flipping to make a tidy profit.

But there are seemingly myriad options when it comes to boosting the resale value of a property, with some measures being a lot less costly and thus potentially more likely to generate a good return on your investment in the long run. At Outback Fencing, we’re big advocates that it’s actually the little design details that really make all the difference when it comes to boosting the value of a property and transforming a tired house into a lucrative investment for any buyer.

Practical Design Tips To Build Property Resale Value

So we’re looking to share our expert insights into the fickle process of refreshing a property through the power of design. From investing in new fencing supplies to adding other functional design features that homebuyers look out for, here are our top practical design tips to help build up your property’s resale value with a minimal budget.

Practical design tips to build property resale value include:

Refresh your colour scheme with versatile neutrals

There’s a reason why so many modern design schemes utilise neutral colours: because they’re easy to style. Neutral colours like shades of tan and grey can easily meld with a range of interior design styles, spanning from coastal-inspired homes to minimalism, Bohemian aesthetics, contemporary architecture, and everything in between. This versatility ensures that your property can generate universal interest, because everyone can imagine their decor in your living spaces.

You can see that same versatility for yourself across our range of Colorbond fencing panels. Alongside being incredibly durable and effectively built for Australia’s unique climate, Colorbond fences are also available in over 20 neutral colourways. In fact, some of our best-selling Colorbond panels are shades of tan and grey, mainly because they have a refined and timeless appeal that provides a perfect backdrop for any home or garden space.

So take a leaf out of Colorbond’s book and update your home with some fresh and modern neutral colours.

Invest in a new fence for your property’s perimeter

What is one of the peskiest home repair jobs that homeowners face today? It has to be repairing or even replacing their property’s fencing. Not only will you have to contend with a lack of privacy for a day or so whilst your fence installation is still being sorted, but you may also need to work with your neighbours to find the right fence for both of your properties, and then handle the cost split amongst yourselves.

In fact, it’s common for homebuyers to add the condition of fence repair in sales contracts when they’re looking to buy a home that’s listed on the market. So why not just invest in a new fence for your property well before you reach out to your local real estate agents? That way, you’re more likely to receive a higher offer for your property, as buyers will recognise that your place is ready to move into with minimal redesign and repairs required.

It’s also worth noting that you can expect the costs of a new fence to be minimal when compared to the offers you can receive on your property as a result of this investment. And this goes double if your new fence also perfectly matches the design and colour scheme of your property. So don’t be afraid to splurge where it counts to your buyer.

Add an outdoor entertainment area to your backyard

Speaking of splurging where it counts the most, one of the best selling points that any property on the market can have is a strong lifestyle factor. All house hunters are guaranteed to be looking for a home where they can enjoy the simple things in life, like a little natural sunlight and perhaps even some gorgeous views from their bedroom window.

That’s why outdoor entertainment amenities can boost the revalue of your property in a major way. Having something like a comfortable and sturdy deck for outdoor lounging can help propel your property’s lifestyle factor, and buyers are willing to pay for that increasingly rare selling point.

Revamping your backyard to add an outdoor entertaining space is also a lot easier than you may expect it to be. For instance, you can use durable composite decking to equip your property with a low-maintenance deck that’s also resistant to rotting and cracking. Alongside being affordable in comparison to hardwood decking, Trex decking is also both easy to install and easy to care for. There’s simply no better way to build a foundation for your property’s outdoor entertaining space.

Other quick and easy amendments you can make include installing a shade sail or other shelter, and adding technological features like solar lighting or even wiring or mounts for outdoor speakers or a TV screen.

Boost curbside appeal by beautifying your front garden

Now that you’ve decked out your backyard, it’s time to turn your attention towards improving your home’s curbside appeal. Thankfully, we have a few beautifying solutions for you here too, including our Trex decking once again (for any homes that have patios or could easily have a patio installed).

If you’d like your property’s street frontage to stay neat and orderly, for instance, you could install some PVC semi privacy picket fencing. This semi privacy-style fencing is perfect for making sure that your front garden stays nice and contained. Being a semi-privacy style, this fencing also strikes the perfect balance between providing you with gorgeous views of your street whilst also reducing your risks of falling victim to plant theft.

And speaking of keeping your plants safe, if you’ve already invested in PVC fencing for your backyard or your front yard, then we highly recommend that you add a few matching PVC planter boxes to that garden space. Like our neutral Colorbond panels, these gorgeous white planter boxes are designed to meld well with a range of different garden design schemes. Having these attractive planters lining the walkway up to your front door is also guaranteed to make a strong first impression on any prospective homebuyers. It’s all about making sure that your property’s lifestyle factor is showcased from the get-go.

Bolster your property’s security features

Finally, when it comes to boosting the resale value of a property, it can be all too easy to go ‘big concept’ and lose sight of the bottom line. Just because a new feature came with a hefty price tag, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be able to enjoy a return on that investment when it comes time to sell your property. Swimming pools are a good example here. If you’re looking to sell a home, adding a pricey swimming pool is really one of the worst ways to increase your property’s value at minimal cost to you. Adding in new pool fencing for an existing swimming pool, however, is a different scenario entirely.

In other words, your focus should be on adding practical features – not luxury ones. And one of the best practical features that any modern home can have is some additional security. Security features can come in a variety of different forms as well, ranging from sliding security gates that limit public access to your front garden, and wireless security cameras hardwired around your property. The addition of these security features will act as more selling points to your property that can help grow its resale value and ensure that your home receives higher offers once it’s placed on the market.


Chances are you’ll find a few great ideas on this list for boosting your property’s value as you prepare it for the market. And truth be told, not all of the practical design tips we’ve outlined above will apply for every Australian home. So long as you find the right investments for your property, however, you should be able to sell your home for a tidy profit!

Have any questions about any of our practical design tips to build your property’s resale value? Then get in touch with our team here at Outback Fencing for more expert insights, or scroll through our blog for more practical guides like this one.

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