Polsihed Round Style - Base Plate Spigot - Double Friction - Includes Base Cover

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Round Style - Base Plate Spigot - Double Friction. Includes Base Cover

Have frameless glass pool fencing from the future now with this revolutionary double friction spigot.

This spigot utilises double friction technology for installing glass panels. It is a huge time saver, and is easy to use.

  • The double friction technology also allows for sideway adjustment of the frameless glass. So, you can get your panels properly straight and aligned.
  • The base plate also comes in a matching finish, and also features multiple fixing points for easy installation.
  • The spigot and base plate are made from a duplex grade 2205 stainless steel. It is designed for use with 12mm thick glass panels.

Best of all, this spigot doesn’t require any drilling or holes in the glass for installation!

Add some style to your glass pool fencing with this spigot’s sleek design.

The rounded design of this spigot is perfect if you’re aiming for a sleek aesthetic. It comes in a polished silver finish, which is great for a shiny, smooth look. This spigot measures at 238mm tall, with a slim front profile of 50mm wide. It also has minimal visual fixings, which adds to the frameless look.

Need any help with installation? Feel free to send us a message on our contact page, or give us a call! We are always happy to assist.

  • With base plate spigots, it’ll need to go through concrete or similar solid substrates. You will also need to fix the base plate with the proper anchoring resin and bolts.

We’ve put this base plate spigot through strict quality testing, so you can rest assured it is top grade!

  • This spigot complies with the Australian Standards’ load requirements, as well as pool fencing safety regulations.
  • The top of the spigot features a tapered “anti-toe hold” design, which prevents climbing.

The grade 2205 stainless steel material used for the spigot is known for its strong durability and high corrosion resistance. This also makes it easy to upkeep with minimal care required.

Need assistance calculating the number of spigots you need? Our Free Online Fence Builder can help out with the planning!

It’ll list exactly how many spigots you’ll need for your fencing configuration, as well as any extra supplies like screws or hinges! The online fence builder software will even help you measure out your gaps. It also accommodates for a large range of fence designs, whether you’re going for enclosed or even L-shaped and everything in between.

If this spigot doesn’t suit your fencing project, we have a range of other models available. For example, we also offer core drilled and face mounted spigots.

Watch our How To – Video if you need any guidance with using the base plated spigots for frameless glass pool fencing.

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