PVC - Full Privacy Fencing Panel Kit 2388mm wide x 1800mm high. (Posts Purchased Separately)

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White PVC - Full Privacy Fencing Panel Kit 2388mm wide x 1800mm high. (Posts Purchased Separately)

Grab this easy-to-assemble, Full Privacy Fencing Panel Kit Today!

Get the right fence in days - enjoy it for years!

Nobody likes a nosey neighbour peeping through the fence. Take matters into your own hands today with this easy-to-assemble full privacy PVC fence that you can put up yourself. 

Flatpack kit includes

  • 1x white top rail 
  • 1 x white bottom rail (aluminium insert reinforced)
  • 8 x 297mm wide tongue and groove, vertical panels
  • 2 x U channels

This new total privacy PVC boundary fencing is made from the latest trend in fencing material. We have created a convenient pre-packed kit with everything you need to get all the privacy you want. There are also incredible benefits PVC has over traditional fencing materials: 

  • Rust will never be a problem: PVC is not susceptible to rust like metal fences are. This material is perfect for your dream beach-house fence as PVC will not degrade or break down even in these high humidity conditions. This makes it an extremely cost-effective alternative to other materials which may need to be repaired or replaced more regularly. 
  • Peace and quiet at last: New technology used to create this full privacy PVC fencing means that you will keep out the prying eyes of your neighbours and keep out their noise. The air pockets in the panels block the road noise.
  • Never worry about peeling paint again: Most fences will require time and effort to keep them looking fresh and clean. Never waste your valuable time again. Our PVC boundary fencing is easy to clean and looks bright and fresh with minimal time and effort.

Please note that while this is a perfect fence to be used on a boundry, if this fence is used as part of a boundary pool fence it may need a Certificate of Complaince which this fence does not have (it falls in the catagory that most boundary fences do. For example the very popular colorbond fence at 1.8m high does not have a cert of complaince ethier. It will depend on how picky your private inspector is on boundary fences that are in a pool area) Boundary fences do not need a cert of complaince, but some private inspectors are very picky and can make up their own rules and will not sign off on it.

Now that you know why the Full Privacy PVC Fencing is the best option for you, let’s look at the specs you need to know to start planning your fence installation: 

  • End-to-end, the top, and bottom rails measure  2388mm wide x 152mm high with a depth of 50.8mm. Wall thickness is a good 2.3mm thick.
  • Each individual panel measures 1565mm high x 289mm wide x 22mm depth. The thickness on these is 1.3mm, keeping panels lightweight and making room for the internal noise-canceling air pockets. 
  • Once assembled, your fence can be an impressive 1800mm tall.
  • This kit's overall length is 2450mm once the posts are included - measured from center to center on the posts. Make sure to get the separate posts for your new fence here.

Extra features of our White PVC - Full Privacy Fencing Panel Kit

  • Sturdy aluminium inserts are added to the bottom rail for maximum stability on the weight-bearing end of your fence.
  • This attractive PVC boundary fencing can be cut to fit the exact height and width you need. 
  • Attain a Hampton-style look, synonymous with modern affluence, but for a less intimidating price tag.  
  • Full instructions are included in the kit to confidently build the fence yourself. 
  • UV stabilized PVC material is treated with titanium dioxide to protect against damage from the sun.
  • Panels are tongue & groove, and features include shiplap grooves for a neat fit and easy assembly.

The variety of Hampton-style fencing is sure to complement and invigorate your home’s facade, making it a stunning neighbourhood landmark.

If you want to see just how effortless the assembly of this fencing is, here is the full downloadable instruction manual.

Outback Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty. (Subject to warranty conditions - see our terms and conditions).

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