PVC - Semi Privacy Fencing Panel Kit 2388mm wide x 1200mm high. (Posts Purchased Separately)

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PVC - Semi Privacy Fencing Panel Kit 2388mm wide x 1200mm high. (Posts Purchased Separately)

Combining affordability, functionality, and quality excellence, our PVC Semi-Privacy Fencing is perfect for any outdoor space!

Get the right fence in days - enjoy it for years! 

Modernise your exterior with our semi privacy PVC fencing - Semi privacy fence panels are frequently associated with a more expensive and sophisticated lifestyle. Our Hampton fencing makes affluent style an affordable choice and will turn your home into something from a brochure.

Ideal for front and boundary fencing - PVC fencing Hampton style is the new way to do boundary fencing as opposed to the old wooden and metal alternatives. Give your home that extra bit of sleekness.

Effortless, Ready-To-Go Panels - With Outback DIY fencing installations, you will look like a real pro. Our PVC fences are easy to assemble and clip straight into place. Your home will have the Hampton-style look in no time. We’ve compiled a short video below to help you on your DIY house and garden fencing journey.

Our PVC panels are easy to maintain - Dust and stains on PVC fencing can be easily removed. Are you tired of painting your wooden fence every year? You'll never have to paint your fence again with our PVC fencing system! PVC semi-privacy fences are not only beautiful and easy to maintain, but they also install in a fraction of the time.

PVC Semi-Privacy Fence specs - What are the dimensions of the PVC semi-privacy fences and what colour do they come in? Available in White UV stabilised PVC with protective titanium dioxide additives, these Hampton-style fences are 1200mm high.

What will I find in my Panel Kit? - Each kit contains a top rail that is 2388mm in width and 89mm in height. A middle rail that is 2388mm by 89mm and a bottom rail that is 2388mm by 152mm. The two pickets are 785mm in height, 38mm in width, and 38mm in depth. The pickets insert and clip easily into punched rails making the installation of these picket fences much easier. 

Precision machining for a flawless finish - With our incredible technology, you’ll get a fence with a perfect finish and no sharp edges. With each piece made with precision and gently crafted, you’ll get the perfect fence every time. 

Designed with Australia’s Harsh Weather in mind, our PVC Semi-Privacy fences are fully capable! - Maybe it’s time to get rid of the old rusty fencing and start fresh with our new sleek Hampton style fencing to add a simple elegance to your home.

Our fencing panels are exceptionally durable - With the top, middle, and bottom rails, our semi-private PVC fences are much stronger than your ordinary horizontal fencing. With the extra support from the crossbars, you’ll be getting panels that are both sleek and sturdy. Not only are our fences strong but you’ll also never have to worry about your fence rusting or corroding away. 

Our house and garden fencing panels are stunningly stylish! - With our Hampton-style picket fencing, your home will instantly transform into something of every homeowner's dream. They're a decorative way to contain children and pets while simultaneously giving your house a beautiful aesthetic.

Got uneven ground? We’ve got you covered. -  With our semi-private PVC fencing, you can assemble your vertical picket fencing to correspond to your home's unique needs. Another positive of vertical fencing is that no ‘gravity sag’ occurs with horizontal fencing over the years. 

7-year Warranty on all PVC fencing - We at Outback Fencing are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 7-year PVC fencing Warranty. This means that after you purchase our products, we won’t just leave you in the dark. With our team of customer service agents, you’ll get a response to any queries promptly. You can depend on us for any quality PVC fencing!

Our stunning Semi-Private PVC fencing will transform your home into a place to be envied. If you’re looking for quality and affordability, our lightweight, sturdy fences will surely make your house and garden fencing look incredible. Contact us today and get the right fence in days - enjoy it for years!

Outback Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty. (Subject to warranty conditions - see our terms and conditions)

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