PVC - Full Privacy Fencing Slat Top Panel Kit 2388mm wide x 1800mm high. (Posts Purchased Separately)

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PVC - Full Privacy Fencing Slat Top Panel Kit 2388mm wide x 1800mm high. (Posts Purchased Separately)

With the best quality products on the market, we’ll provide you with the most affordable and functional fencing! 

Get the right fence in days - enjoy it for years


Modernise your exterior with our beautiful white PVC fencing - Our Hamptons fencing range, full privacy PVC fencing is affordable and stylish. With its white, minimalist look, your home will look as though it’s straight from a tv ad.  

Works for boundary and perimeter fencing - Versatility is the name of our game. Our adaptable fencing looks good anywhere - whether as a perimeter or boundary, it won’t disappoint! 

Easy assembly - Our PVC panels are carefully flat-packed for easy assembly. Outbacks 1.8m high full privacy fencing has a stylish vertical profile and top/bottom rails for a solid wall finish. Your full privacy fence can be up in no time. Have a look at our Installation instructions booklet to help get you started. 

Our full privacy PVC panels are effortless to maintain - Are you tired of the disappointing up-keep of your fence every few years? With our full privacy, White UV stabilised PVC fence, you’ll never have to worry about maintenance again. Our fencing panels can withstand weathering and sun damage for years to come. The durable PVC finish is guaranteed to not rust or varnish, offering a crisp white look for many years.

PVC Full Privacy Fence Specs - This ideal solid wall solution is 1.8m high, offering a combo of both private and semi-private fencing. Panels have stylish shiplap grooves and slot neatly into each other. Fitted with the full combo panels at the bottom, you’ll still get the look of the semi-private slats across the top of the fence, adding that extra bit of mystery. Another bonus of this fence is that the panels and rails can easily be cut in width and height to suit your needs.

This is not a pool compliant fence.

What comes with the Panel Kit? -

  • Each kit comes with a top rail (2388mm W)
  • a middle rail (2388mm W)
  • and a bottom rail (2388mm W) with aluminium insert
  • Each kit has 8x full privacy panels (1215mm H x 289mm W)
  • 2x end U channels (1145mm H)
  • and 15 vertical slats.(330mm H x 76mm W)

Get the perfect finish every time - Don’t worry about sharp edges or uneven paint, our PVC full privacy fencing slat top panel kit is perfectly manufactured by our state of the art equipment for that perfect finish.  

Extremely durable fencing slats - With our full privacy fencing, you’ll never have to worry about your fence being stained or repainted. The durable PVC finish won't rust or tarnish in an outdoor environment.

Regulation compliant, Full Privacy Fence - Following the rules has never been so stylish! It’s time to go out with the old and in with the new. Our stunning PVC full privacy fence offers the perfect amount of privacy and adds an elegant feel to the exterior of your home.

Got uneven grounds? We’ve got you covered - Our full privacy fencing is made with all sorts of uneven grounds in mind. You can adjust each panel's width and also step the fence to flow with the ground's natural curve, allowing the fence to stay put when gravity takes its course.

Enjoy those peaceful days as your PVC fence blocks out the noise - Our PVC fencing panels lowers sound, Thanks to the air pockets inside the fencing panels!

Enjoy our 7-year Warranty on all PVC fencing - We at outback fencing aren’t scared to put our money where our mouth is. Your PVC fence is under warranty for 7 years - and for good reason. You won’t have to worry about termites, rust, rotting, or even paint peeling!

Our Full Privacy Fencing Slat Top Panel Kit is the perfect fence to add that sleek minimalist look to your home. Not only will your plot look chic, but you’ll get the privacy you deserve. Be sure to browse our full range of PVC fencing before making a final decision. Contact us today and get the right fence in days - enjoy it for years!

Outback Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty. (Subject to warranty conditions - see our terms and conditions).

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