PVC Full Privacy Gate - 1000mm wide x 1850mm high - Fully assembled

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PVC Full Privacy Gate - 1000mm wide x 1850mm high - Fully assembled

PLEASE NOTE: This product requires our “White PVC Full Privacy 1-way Gate Post” to ensure maximum fixing strength for hinges and latches.  Our “1-way” gate posts have an aluminium insert for extra strength.

Do you want the best quality? For great value?  No worries!  No hassle.  No-fuss.  Outback Fencing – Your Online Specialist!

Get the right fence in days - enjoy it for years 

Fully assembled gate -  requires nothing other than to be hung.  And, if you purchase our matching“1-way gate posts”, you’ll only have to do that once!  Their added aluminium insert provides extra fixing strength and ensures that your hinges won’t sag or loosen with time.  The gate includes 2 x flat top caps.

Stylish shiplap grooves in the panels – the understated elegance and shiplap design lends itself to our PVC Full Privacy Fencing and will complement a timber fence of like design, making it a versatile choice.  

Extra rigidity – the aluminium insert in the bottom rail of our PVC Full Privacy Gate will keep your gate standing proudly at attention even when it’s not new anymore.  

Extra fixing strength – Our gates have 4 x internal, high tensile aluminium inserts.  The extra rigidity provides maximum fixing strength for the installation of hinges and latches.  Our Gates stand the test of time, defying the law of gravity.

Tough and good-looking – every Aussie’s dream. White UV stabilised PVC with Protective titanium dioxide additives has non-flammable, high UV absorptive and light-scattering properties and the necessary resilience to withstand the harsh Australian climate.  On top of all this, it’s supremely attractive.

Gate Tech Specs -

  • Vertical side rails are 1850mmH x 102mmW x 63mmD
  • 3mm wall thickness. 
  • The distance between the top and bottom rail is 1800mm.

Non-adjustable gate – Our gate cannot be height or width adjusted.  It remains a constant size – a great motivator for not skipping gym class!  The extra rigidity provides a subtle strength, but you have to be sure of your measurements.

Shielded from the neighborhood noise -  Our PVC shiplap groove Full Privacy gate, complemented by our PVC Full Privacy Fence, gives you the added bonus of providing a buffer between the neighborhood noise and you.  So, when the cars are tooting on a Saturday night, and the dogs are barking till early daylight – you’ll hear it at a few decibels less.  

Lightweight but solid – You don’t have to be superman to install this gate, but it’s still made of tough stuff! Our PVC gate gives you the best of both worlds with its lightweight but solid construction.

7-year Warranty on White PVC Full Privacy Gate – We believe in the proof of the pudding.  Here at Outback Fencing, we’re confident enough to offer a 7-year warranty on all of our products. Believe in us, believe in our product.

Our proud PVC Full Privacy Gate will give your yard entrance a touch of class and an air of mystery.  Just pick up your phone or order online for a super-strong yet stylish gate.  Contact us today.

Outback Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty. (Subject to warranty conditions - see our terms and conditions).

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