Best Fencing For Dog-Friendly Backyards

Posted by Lee Benson on 27th Oct 2023

Most of us will prioritise form over functionality when choosing the best fence for our homes. We look for fences that keep our properties private and secure without posing any potential risks for our kids. But there are other members of the household that can benefit from updated fencing. Yes, we’re talking about our loyal and lovable family dogs here.

If you’re searching for the best fence types for dog-friendly backyards, then our team at Outback Fencing have got all the right suggestions for you. Read on to unearth our top picks for the best fences for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and activity levels!

Best Fences For Dogs

1. Aluminium Batten Fencing

Best Fence For Curious Dogs

Does your dog love to watch the world go by from the comfort of their backyard or from your front garden? Then it’s likely that the best fence for your dog will be one with open slats or spaced fence palings. The issue with these types of fences, however, is that your dog could easily break through timber slats or palings, resulting in gaps in your fencing and increasing the risks of your dogs escaping and getting lost.

Thankfully, our aluminium batten fencing provides your pooch with 89mm wide gaps between powder-coated aluminium fence blades. This allows your dog to enjoy greater visibility and security to boot.

Like all of our aluminium fencing here at Outback Fencing, our batten-style fences are also designed to be highly durable and long-lasting whilst still being lightweight and easy to install. In fact, our aluminium fencing weighs roughly 60% less than our steel fencing, and without having to compromise on strength or durability either.

As our powder-coated aluminium batten fences come in 2000mm long solid panels, your dog won’t be able to damage or dislodge fence blades, ensuring that your garden spaces stay secured even with a rowdy hound who’s looking to wreak havoc. These durable and lightweight aluminium fences also work perfectly as pool fencing for dogs who may have to share their yard space with a swimming pool.

2. Colorbond Fencing

Best Fence To Prevent Dogs From Climbing

If you own a working dog like a border collie or a blue heeler, then you’re probably all too familiar with dog escape tactics. If it’s not burying under fences to get into the neighbour’s yard, it’s jumping clean over fencing and gates – even those that happen to be 1.8m or higher!

This is why the best fencing for dogs that like to jump or climb over your property barriers are always going to be fence styles that possess a smoother surface area. With less traction, your dogs won’t be able to jump or climb as easily as they may be able to with your traditional timber fencing. And one of the best fencing types we have here are our 100% steel Colorbond fences.

With their vertical slat-style design as well as the fact that they come in solid panels like our aluminium batten fencing, our Colorbond fencing is highly recommended for families with dogs, as they provide the sturdiest property barriers available on the Australian market today.

Colorbond fencing is suitable for installation in a wide range of climates as well, ranging from alpine areas to coastal areas. And thanks to the unique treatment methods used to produce BlueScope Colorbond steel, you can secure Colorbond fencing for your property in a wide range of different colours. As these colours have been ‘baked’ into the Colorbond steel production process, your Colorbond fences are also resistant to scratching, chipping, or colour fading. This means that your fences will still be able to retain their colouring even when scratched up by dogs or dirtied by paw pads.

And once again, your dogs will have a tricky time trying to scale either our 1.8m or even taller 2.1m Colorbond fence styles, making this fence type a great investment for families looking for ways to stop their dogs from jumping over fencing.

3. PVC Full Privacy Fencing

Best Fence For Barking Dogs

Sometimes, dogs can feel anxious even in their own backyards. If you do have a dog that seems to be reactive to street noises even when they’re kept safe and secure in an enclosed backyard, then it could be a sign that your dog is suffering from ‘barrier frustration’. This anxiety-related issue often takes the form of dogs pacing across the length of your fence, as well as barking or growling excessively when they register that somebody or something is passing by on the other side of the fence.

A lack of mental and physical stimulation can prompt dogs to start exhibiting symptoms of barrier frustration, but then there are some breeds that are more predisposed to these territorial instincts. For these breeds, the best solution is securing fencing for dog ears. In other words, you want fencing that doesn’t amplify external sounds, but rather absorbs them.

This is where our PVC fencing is sure to shine. Designed with air pockets between fencing panels, our PVC fencing has been engineered to provide sound insulation, making them perfect for not only inner city humans, but inner city dogs too. When paired with some outdoor toys or activities and other sound insulating assets like trees or bushes, our PVC fencing will be sure to provide your dog with plenty of respite from external sounds and other sources of stress or anxiety.

And like our Colorbond fencing, our PVC fencing also boasts a smoother surface area, making them harder for dogs to jump or climb over. If you’re after a fence that’ll be sure to keep your dog both calm and contained, then our PVC Full Privacy Fencing is sure to be the right fencing solution for your home and hound.

How to stop dogs from digging under your fences

Now that we’ve had a look at our best fences for dogs, let’s round up today’s blog by sharing some top tips for keeping your dog safe and comfortable after your fence installation. If you’re looking for ways to stop your dog from digging under your fence, consider implementing these anti-digging measures into your garden space.

Top methods to stop dogs from digging under fences:

  • Plant bushes by the base of fences
  • Place large rocks or gravel by the base of fences
  • Extend fence posts underground
  • Use chicken wire below fence posts
  • Provide spaces where your dog is free to dig

As our PVC fence posts are designed to be installed directly into the ground, these fencing supplies are suitable for installation in yards with dogs that love to dig.

How to stop dogs from jumping over your fences

And what if your dog is more of a jumper or climber than a digger? Thankfully, there are additional methods you can use alongside installing our Colorbond or PVC Full Privacy Fencing.

Top methods to stop dogs from jumping over fences:

  • Install a higher fence (i.e. over 1.8m)
  • Install shades or netting at an inward angle at the top of your fencing
  • Install fence toppers
  • Plant bushes along fences (to prevent dogs from getting a ‘running start’)
  • Install a smaller interior fence (2-3 feet away from your property line)
  • Provide additional toys/stimulation for dogs to prevent boredom

Why choose Outback Fencing for your dog-friendly fencing supplies?

At Outback Fencing, we take pride in providing Australian homeowners with all the best Aussie fencing supplies. From authentic Australian-made Colorbond fencing to smart and stylish pool fencing, our range of fences and gates is designed with the whole family in mind – and that includes our pets.

Our team knows exactly what Aussie homeowners need from their durable fencing and gates, and will do their very best to make sure that you have a complete fencing solution that’s tailored perfectly for your home and property.

Want to know more about any of our fencing supplies? Then contact the team at Outback Fencing today to have all your questions answered.

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