Top Durable Fencing Styles To Replace Timber Fences

Top Durable Fencing Styles To Replace Timber Fences

Posted by Lee Benson on 5th Mar 2024

If you’re as much of a durable fencing enthusiast as I am, then you know that the sustainability of traditional timber fencing has been a hotly debated topic in recent years. Although timber can be a sustainable, regenerative material in some aspects, it’s sadly not the most practical material for fencing – especially here in Australia, with our harsh and changeable climate.

Because timber fence panels are highly prone to rotting, splitting, and wood warping, traditional timber picket fence panels come with a pretty limited lifetime in comparison to other types of fencing materials. Even the most sustainably sourced timber will still degrade decades before other more durable fencing materials that are on the market today. And the costs and carbon emissions associated with repeat production and the maintenance or total replacement of traditional timber fences will naturally start to add up.

Thankfully, there are a wide range of different durable and affordable fencing supplies available for Aussie consumers today, most of which are composed of some of Australia’s most sustainably produced fencing materials.

Best Durable Fencing Styles To Traditional Timber

Today, I’ll be diving deeper into these extra durable fencing alternatives to traditional timber picket fences, so that you can select a modern fencing material that best suits your property and local climate.

The top durable fence styles to replace timber fences include:

  1. PVC Semi Privacy Picket Fencing
  2. PVC Vertical Paling Fencing
  3. Aluminium Slat Fencing
  4. Aluminium Blade Fencing
  5. Black Crimped Spear Top Security Fencing
  6. Colorbond Fencing Panels

1. PVC Semi Privacy Picket Fencing

First, let’s start with a superb fencing style for residential properties: our PVC semi privacy picket fencing. Designed as an homage to traditional timber picket fencing but with a Hamptons Coastal twist, this modern fencing style is crafted using high-quality PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Alongside being naturally UV-resistant, PVC fencing materials are also resistant to warping, splitting, and other kinds of corrosion or wear and tear. This allows our PVC picket fencing to possess a far longer usable lifespan that traditional timber fencing pickets.

Yes, timber picket fences can be replaced one slat or one picket at a time. But with these PVC picket fences, you won’t even have to worry about monitoring the health of individual slats. You can just sit back and watch your PVC fence to look pristine for decades to come. That in a nutshell, is one of the major differences between PVC durable fences and timber fences.

2. PVC Vertical Paling Fencing

If you’re not a fan of the semi privacy slat picket fencing style, then we also stock PVC vertical paling fencing, which maintains the same Hamptons Coastal feel but with more verticality. Like our other PVC fencing styles, this paling fencing is a great alternative to installing timber fencing in coastal areas, namely because our PVC fencing panels are designed to withstand both harsh ocean winds as well as damaging or corrosive salt spray.

Yes, you heard that right. This PVC paling fencing is a far more durable and practical fencing material to be installed in coastal areas than timber or even metal or iron fencing. The pristine white colouring of PVC fencing materials also makes them a superb complement to Hamptons Coastal inspired homes, interiors, and garden spaces.

Pro tip: pair up either our PVC semi privacy picket fence panels or vertical paling fence panels with our matching and equally durable Hampton Style PVC planter boxes to revolutionise your coastal garden set-up.

3. Aluminium Slat Fencing

There are few durable fencing materials that are as sustainable as powder-coated aluminium or steel. As the powder coating process uses an electrostatic charge to bind powder polymer or epoxy protective coatings to treated metal surfaces, the foundational production process for powder-coated metals actually produces little to no waste to begin with (unlike applying coats of liquid paint!).

And once the powder coat has been efficiently applied to metal surfaces, those metal materials actually become extra durable in comparison to untreated metals, becoming resistant to scratching, flaking, and corrosion. For metal materials that will be used in outdoor applications, powder coating really is a must.

Thankfully, our aluminium slat fencing does happen to be powder-coated, with a UV-resistant finish. Another major selling point of powder-coated aluminium as a durable fencing material is that it boasts a non-porous surface, unlike traditional timber fence palings. This non-porosity actually prevents aluminium fence panels from developing mildew, mould, or fungal growth. So just like our PVC panels, you can expect your aluminium slat fencing to look and perform fantastically for a lengthy lifetime.

4. Aluminium Blade Fencing

With the popularisation of backyard swimming pools, the way that we use fencing on our property has evolved. Fencing isn’t just about securing property perimeters or segmenting outdoor areas anymore. Our property’s durable fencing can also be an investment in safety. So it stands to reason that you’d want your pool fencing to be as secure and stable as possible in order to protect your loved ones.

For obvious reasons, timber fencing isn’t ideal here either, as excess exposure to moisture can accelerate the natural degradation of timber materials. It just makes much more sense to rely on more durable pool fencing materials. That’s why we stock our aluminium blade fencing.

Boasting a stylish ‘floating battens’ design with pre-welded fence panels for easy installation, our aluminium blade fencing is the ultimate solution to your family’s pool safety needs. Their vertical palings and smooth, totally non-porous, powder-coated finish makes these fences virtually impossible to scale (so long as you remove climbable objects and heed other backyard safety measures), so you can be rest assured that your young ones are safe around pool areas.

Want to know how you can style your blade fencing with ease? Then check out our guide on pool landscaping so you can make the very most out of your flawless and functional blade pool fencing.

5. Black Crimped Spear Top Security Fencing

If you’re a fan of our powder-coated aluminium fencing, then you’re going to love this next recommendation. Our black crimped spear top security fencing panels are arguably the most heavy-duty fencing supplies we have on offer here at Outback Fencing.

Constructed using powder-coated galvanised steel, these security fence panels have been developed to provide industrial levels of strength and durability. These durable fence panels are also developed to meet requirements of the Department of Education and Training, which basically means that you can install these on not just private properties, but also commercial properties and schoolyards.

Their black spear crimped tops and 1.8m height make these fences extremely difficult to scale, making them a great deterrent for trespassers. And once again, the powder-coated galvanised steel possesses a far lower porosity than traditional timber fences, so it’s near-impossible to get traction on these narrow, glossy fence panels. Add the fact that the top and bottom horizontal support rails for these durable fence panels are more than a metre apart, and it becomes clear that these security fences were designed to do one job and do it well: keep intruders firmly out.

6. Colorbond Fencing Panels

When you think of durable fencing materials that have been developed for Australia’s harsh climate, the first material that will likely come to mind is Colorbond steel. Not only is genuine Colorbond steel painted, rolled, and treated right here in Australia – it’s also tested specifically to withstand extreme force and high temperatures, like the conditions you would expect to encounter in an Australian bushfire.

And for any fence shoppers who are living out in the bush, you’ll be happy to hear that Colorbond fences actually have an ignitability index of 0. That means that your Colorbond fencing panels may actually aid in safeguarding your property against the threat of bushfires.

How do Colorbond fences compare with timber fencing when it comes to degradation? It’s all good here too. For starters, Colorbond colours are actually baked into steel materials during the treatment process. This means that your Colorbond fencing can never chip, fade, or flake. The colour you get is the colour it’ll stay.

And speaking of colours, there is a wide variety to choose from, including neutral shades like tans and beige. So if you want to replace your timber fence without giving up its tan backdrop, you can select Colorbond fencing panels in timber-like colours (i.e. Harvest, Paperbark, Evening Haze, Riversand, or Jasper).

Final Thoughts On The Top Durable Fence Styles

Budgeting for a new fence should never accompany your considering the costs of replacing panels down the line. If you invest in a durable and sturdy new fence, chances are you won’t have to spend any more money on repairing or replacing that fence for decades to come. Our own ethos here at Outback Fencing is that you deserve to get the right fence in days and enjoy it for years.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide for Aussie home families, farmers, and business owners with only the most reliable and durable fencing materials available on the market. So explore our full product range so you can find your ideal fencing styles or materials to replace your dilapidated or outdated timber fencing today.

If you have any questions about our durable fencing supplies, then simply get in touch with a member of our team via our website or by calling (02) 4062 0386. We’re always happy to help you find the perfect fencing solution for your home and property.

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