8 Common Fence Styles & How They're Used In Australia

8 Common Fence Styles & How They're Used In Australia

Posted by Lee Benson on 26th Mar 2024

Whether you’re renovating or building a new home from the ground up, one of the first design considerations we’re likely to make when it comes to landscaping is what types of fencing will best suit your abode. As a nation full of home designers who appreciate the value of outdoor living, Aussie homeowners know all too well that the sort of fence you own has a massive impact on the aesthetic of your home.

Not only can your fencing style greatly complement the overall design style of your property, but it can also affect things like how much sunlight your garden gets, how breezy your property is, and even your levels of privacy both in your garden space but perhaps even in your home’s interiors.

The 8 Common Fence Styles Used In Australia

So, what are the common fence styles that could be right for your Australian home? We’ll be answering just that question today by outlining some of the most common fence styles in Australia, covering exactly why they’re popular, and also showcasing just how they’re used by Aussie homeowners nationwide.

Here are the 8 common fence styles and how they are used:

  1. Full Privacy Fencing
  2. Semi-Privacy Fencing
  3. Picket Fencing
  4. Star Picket Fencing
  5. Batten Fencing
  6. Pool Fencing
  7. Horizontal Slat Fencing
  8. Security Fencing

Read on to learn more about some of the most common fence styles found across both traditional and contemporary homes.

8 common fence styles used in Australia

1. Full Privacy Fencing

Anybody who’s looked into buying fencing supplies already knows that you have loads of options when it comes to selecting the right type of fencing for your property. From the type of material you use to the spacing between fencing panels or fence slats, and even to how high you want your fences to be, there are lots of design considerations that must be made when finding the right fence style to suit your home and property.

One of the most common considerations, however, is privacy. If you value privacy and safety in your home, consider installing full privacy fencing. This is one of the most popular fence styles in Australia for good reason: fences like PVC full privacy fencing and standard height 1.8m or even 2.1m Colorbond fencing are both fantastic value for money, and are extremely versatile, meaning that you can easily customise them to match the aesthetic of your home.

Both types of fence are also known for being very low-maintenance: you won’t need to spend as much time and money looking after them than traditional fencing options like timber or untreated metals like wrought iron. Both PVC and Colorbond steel are also very durable, and you can expect them to last you decades, not years.

If you’re looking to turn your home into an escape where you can rest in the knowledge that you’re being protected from prying eyes, then full privacy fencing styles are likely to be the best option amongst common fence styles and for your home.

2. Semi-Privacy Fencing

If you live in the inner city or even just in a suburb with a tight-knit community, then investing in full privacy fencing may run the risk of cutting you off from your neighbours or even worse – leaving you feeling ‘walled-in’ in your own home. If you prefer maintaining street views from your front-facing windows, then semi-privacy fencing is likely to be the perfect fencing style for your Australian home.

Semi-privacy fencing adds an elegance to your home that’s harder to attain with full-privacy fencing styles. It gives your house a laid back, open air while still not leaving it completely exposed to strangers (and to the elements). Another benefit of semi-privacy fencing is that it allows for a smoother airflow and natural light availability to your garden spaces, and perhaps even to your home.

We offer a range of different semi-privacy fence styles, but one of our most popular options is our PVC semi-privacy picket fencing panels. These gorgeous, Hamptons-inspired picket fences offer a classical touch to your home whilst still ensuring that your fence panels are built to last, having been constructed by our high-quality and highly durable PVC fencing materials. If you’re looking for the right fence design for a breezy coastal home or a sunkissed suburb, then this popular fencing style surely won’t disappoint.

3. Picket Fencing

You don’t need to have travelled far to have heard about this next popular fencing style. Picket fencing isn’t just one of the most common fence styles in Australia – it’s also widely used to design homes all over the world, having been a staple design element in European colonial architecture. Picket fencing gets its name from the French word ‘piquet’, meaning ‘pointed stick or board’. A fence style that originally was developed as a defence measure for protecting privately owned land, picket fences have evolved to become a symbol of suburban bliss.

But there are more reasons why we keep this traditional fencing style around. For starters, picket fences are made up of pickets set at regular intervals, which leaves space in between for sun and air to get through. Picket-style fencing is also renowned for its versatility in design. Adding a picket fence with universal appeal is a great way to easily boost the resale value of your home.

If you’re after a picket fence for your home, however, we strongly recommend that you don’t settle for classical materials. While wood is a traditional choice, and what you probably think of when you think ‘picket fence’, timber pickets actually aren’t a great fit for Australia’s volatile weather conditions. If you want something that doesn’t mould, rust, warp in wet weather, or get discoloured in hot weather conditions, then we highly recommend PVC picket fences.

4. Star Picket Fencing

This next one isn’t so much a residential fencing style, but when you think about the fact that most of Australia is still rural farmlands, it makes a lot of sense why this particular popular fencing style found its way onto this list. And we aren’t called ‘Outback Fencing’ for no reason!

If you’ve ever driven around the countryside, you’ve probably come across star picket fences before, and perhaps even without knowing it. They’re commonly used in farms, country homes and other rural properties, but can also be used for residential houses if you want to capture the countryside look, or if you also just happen to have livestock on your property anyway.

Because star picket fences cover a smaller space, they often cost less, which is why they’re so popular in industrial agricultural facilities. They’re also incredibly easy to install: their posts can be drilled into many different sorts of terrain, so you can get them no matter where you live. If you’re exploring options for star picket fences, EnduraPost is a great choice if you’re looking for a sustainable, low-cost, stainless alternative to wood or steel. And we just so happen to stock EnduraPost star picket fences right here at Outback Fencing. Check out the range and explore its many benefits to see if star picket fences may be a suitable fencing solution for your outback Australian property.

5. Batten Fencing

Batten fences are quickly becoming one of the most common fencing options in Australia. Batten fencing follows the same logic as picket fences, with the major variation in style and design being that battens are typically thicker than pickets and often set closer together. They’re also flat, which makes them look a lot more modern than traditional picket fences.

Batten fences are great if you want a contemporary-looking house with crisp, sharp fences. And if modern is what you’re going for, there are few better options than aluminium batten fencing. These stylish fencing panels are a great option for contemporary homeowners who are looking for fresh fencing that still provides plenty of privacy. As batten-style fencing also does have gaps between fence battens, this fencing style is also a great solution for Aussie homeowners looking to maintain good light availability and airflow for their garden spaces.

Although there are different types of batten fence designs, one of the most popular is the floating batten or BARR-style batten fence. These seamless batten-style fences are typically considered to be a great option for pool fencing, but can also be installed in front garden spaces as another great alternative to traditional picket fences.

6. Pool Fencing

And speaking of pool fencing, it’s no secret that we Aussies love a good swim during the sweltering summer months. In fact, swimming is one of the breeziest ways to keep cool and still stay active without breaking a sweat. So it only stands to reason that the nation with one of the highest rates of residential pool owners would also seek to enjoy the freedom of choice when it comes to selecting the right pool fencing style for their property.

Building a fence for your pool involves a different set of considerations than getting one around your yard. You’ll need to prioritise protection from the elements, an ability to keep water from your pool from splashing all over your house and durability. For obvious reasons, you’ll also want to use material that’s waterproof or at least water resistant.

Most homeowners also prefer investing in pool fencing that’s transparent or translucent. After all, you’ll want some sun to get in, and it’s important to have visibility from outside the pool for safety reasons – especially if you have little children.

Some materials to consider when selecting the right pool fencing style for you are glass, aluminium, or perforated pool fencing. You can also play with different styles, like picket fences, batten fences and solid fences. Glass pool fencing is a great fencing style for those looking to boost visibility whilst still enjoying unobstructed views. These fully transparent (but still sturdy and durable) fencing panels are also great for seamlessly integrating your pool area with your wider backyard space without sacrificing on the safety of your backyard.

7. Horizontal Slat Fencing

While vertical pickets or boards have been the go-to option for many years, horizontal slat fencing is quickly becoming one of the most popular fencing options in Australia. They make your house much more modern, and are especially great if you’re going for a minimalist aesthetic, because of how sleek and clean they look.

Horizontal-style fences also create a different light pattern than traditional vertical slat fencing, which is something you’ll need to take into account before committing. Aluminium slat fencing is a great choice for any looking to invest in horizontal slat fencing for their home, as these sturdy powder-coated aluminium fence panels are not only easy to install, but also cost-effective and require very little maintenance to ensure that they look and perform at their best.

Due to the short spacing between the horizontal slats of these fencing panels, both aluminium slat fencing and other horizontal slat fencing styles are well-suited to contemporary Australian homes that are characterised by their strong vertical and horizontal lines. These fences can also be purchased in a range of different colours, so you’ll be sure to find a horizontal slat fencing style that suits your property to a tee.

8. Security Fencing

Let’s conclude this list of Australia’s most common fencing styles with another fence type that can be used across both industrial, commercial, and even residential properties. At the beginning of this breakdown of Australia’s most common fencing styles, we mentioned that most people buy fences for a particular purpose – whether to boost the privacy of their property, complement their wider home design scheme, or to keep their loved ones safe and secure. But what is one of the primary benefits that we enjoy across most if not all fence styles? A sense of security.

In both residential and commercial applications alike, fencing typically does act as a deterrent against potential break ins or trespassers. This is precisely what makes security fencing one of the most common fence styles in Australia. Another evolution of the traditional timber picket fence, our spear-topped security fences available here at Outback Fencing offer all the key features you’d expect to see from functional security fences. Their sturdy, powder-coated aluminium construction and rigid spear-top design act as a great deterrent for trespassers.

Security fences can also have a host of other features, including sliding security gates, automated locks, and even integrated intercom systems. Having these additional features can help improve the performance and usability of your security fencing, which is exactly why we offer fencing products like gates and replacement brackets, hinges, and latches that help you make the absolute most of your security fencing in Australia.

The Common Fence Styles Used Across Australia

Choosing a fence can be difficult, and it’s crucial to do lots of research before finalising the fencing solution that’s right for your home and property. It’s also important to remember that you can use a different type of fence for different parts of your house: for instance, you might want a PVC picket fence for your front yard and a glass fence for your pool.

In this article, we’ve gone through some of the most used and common fence styles in Australia. Your choice will depend on your needs and the overall aesthetic of your house: there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but we hope that we’ve given you the ability to make a more informed decision as you continue your search for the right fencing supplies.

Want more info about any of the great common fence styles we have on offer here at Outback Fencing? Then be sure to contact our team to receive expert assistance with your fence purchasing process. Our fencing specialists here at Outback Fencing are always more than happy to answer your fencing and installation questions at any time.

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