Track for Sliding Gate (3000mm or 6000mm long)

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1 x 3000mm or 6000mm long track to match wheels for sliding gate


Installing a new sliding gate for your fencing? Then we recommend this track!

Coming in at various length options, this track is perfect for any sliding gate fencing project. Best of all, it’s easy to install too!

This track is designed for use with the sliding gate kits and hardware we sell over in the black steel security fencing section of our store.

This track comes in multiple lengths to accommodate for every sliding gate situation.

You have the option of either a 3000mm long or 6000mm long track at checkout. It’s also easy to install, with predrilled fixing holes.

  • 22 holes for the 3000mm track.
  • 42 holes for the 6000mm track.

These sliding gate pins for track are used for installation. 42 pins are required for the 6000mm track, whilst 22 pins are required to anchor down the 3000mm track.

We sell the sliding gate pins in sets of either: 22 or 42.

This track is also made from top quality steel that has been galvanised for extra durability. The steel itself is 3mm thick.

The process for galvanizing steel hot dips the material in zinc, which results in an extra coating that adds strength, and corrosion resistance – no need to worry about rusting or wear-and-tear!

If you run into any issues with installation, or have enquiries regarding this track – just reach out to us through email or call! You can find all our details over on our contact us page.

We try to respond as soon as possible to emails and messages.

Reminder: Keep in mind, you will still need to purchase the sliding gate itself and fixing hardware separately.

If you haven’t already – you should also check out the wheels, gate catch, and roller guides we have in stock!

Get your gate sliding as soon as possible! We’ll get your fencing up and ready in no time.

At Outback Fencing, we want you to enjoy your fencing as fast as possible. Which is why we aim for a 3-7 business day delivery estimate *for metro areas.

We also offer warehouse pick up with loading areas which accommodate trailers and light trucks if you’d prefer.

If you’re in a rural location and outside of our direct delivery area, give us a call for a custom delivery quote.

You can read more about our Outback Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty. (Subject to warranty conditions - see our terms and conditions).