How To Create A Stunning Hamptons Style Aussie Garden

How To Create A Stunning Hamptons Style Aussie Garden

Posted by Lee Benson on 1st May 2024

Although the Hamptons-inspired design scheme originated in Long Island, New York, there’s no denying that this clean and classical, beachy look feels right at home in Australia’s sunkissed climate. Our Aussie backyards are simply built for bringing Hamptons Coastal vibes to life, from our buffalo grass lawns to our towering palms, eucalypts, and yucca trees.

But as is the case with any design scheme, creating the perfect Hamptons Coastal-inspired garden will mean rethinking your current design elements – this includes both your landscaping and how you’ve laid out your outdoor living and entertainment areas.

So where do you begin? Thankfully our team here at Outback Fencing just so happen to be well-versed in designing Hamptons-inspired Aussie gardens. We’ll be sharing all of our top tips for transforming your own backyard into a classic Hamptons Coastal scene today, so read on for more information on how to take your garden from bush-themed to beachy.

how to create a stunning hamptons style aussie garden

Design with a neutral colour palette

Alongside their open and airy atmosphere, Hamptons-inspired interiors and garden spaces are defined by their fresh, neutral colour palettes. This design scheme is particularly fond of flattering greys, taupes, neutral blues, and shades of white. In other words, any colours that you’re likely to see at or associate with the beach.

There are many ways that you can incorporate these neutral colours into your garden scheme, from adding in neutral-toned furniture to designing with neutral tiles, stones, or cobble pathways. Our favourite methods naturally include using these colours as a backdrop. And the best method by far is by securing garden fencing in a neutral colourway.

Thankfully, Aussie homeowners are actually spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping for fencing in neutral colours, mainly because of the wide range of colours that our Colorbond fencing is available in. From neutral greens and browns that complement gum trees to more Hamptons-inspired colours like Deep Ocean and Surfmist, you can easily find some authentic Colorbond fencing panels to act as not just sturdy, durable perimeter fencing for your coastal property, but also a superb, lasting backdrop for your Hamptons garden. This is just one of the many reasons why Colorbond fencing is largely considered to be a great investment for Aussie homes and gardens.

Want to know more about why Colorbond fencing panels are so strongly recommended for coastal homes? Then be sure to check out this guide on all the best fences and gates for coastal properties.

Incorporate classical and native plants

Hamptons Coastal gardens are generally characterised by their lush, manicured lawns, topiaries, and maintaining classical plants like purple, blue, or cream hydrangeas, dense boxwoods, and privet hedges. But if you’re concerned about your Hamptons Coastal backyard looking too much like an English garden, we strongly recommend swapping out some of those classical deciduous plants for some evergreen natives and other tropical introduced plants that are more likely to thrive in Aussie coastal environments.

Some great examples here include coastal woolly brushes, oleander bushes, ghost gums, and silver wattle trees. Ornamental wattle and gum trees with silvery foliage are guaranteed to add a touch of warm colour to your Hamptons-inspired garden, so a medium-sized wattle tree or a weeping ghost gum could end up being a great natural focal point for your space.

You can use our Hamptons style PVC planter boxes to not only give these plants a position of honour in your coastal garden, but to also ensure that they don’t grow too large and that their soil quality remains consistently strong.

Add in a swimming pool

No Hamptons Coastal garden is complete without a good swimming hole. After all, there’s nothing better than jumping in a freshwater pool after an early morning surf! But even if you aren’t designing a Hamptons garden for a coastal property, you’ll find that a swimming pool can help effortlessly elevate the coastal vibe of your Aussie backyard. Yes, adding a water feature or two could have a similar effect, but there’s just something about having a cool and inviting aquamarine body of water in a Hamptons garden scene.

And of course, if you’re adding a pool to your backyard, you will need some pool fencing. And not just any pool fencing – you’ll want to invest in fencing that complements your wider Hamptons Coastal design scheme.

Thankfully, our pool fencing selection here at Outback Fencing includes a wide range of different fencing styles and colours, spanning from white pool fencing that’ll meld perfectly with your other neutral Hamptons design elements, to glass pool fencing that will help maintain a sense of airiness and cohesion for smaller coastal gardens.

If you’ve designed your Hamptons Coastal garden with palm trees or yucca trees, then you may also find our perforated pool fencing to be perfectly complementary to your wider design scheme. These stylish pool fences boast a stylish palm deco pattern that will effortlessly add a sense of coastal luxury to your garden space.

Deck out your outdoor living spaces

A key element of designing Hamptons gardens is ensuring that you add in some comfortable (and perhaps even a little bit luxurious) outdoor living spaces. This is why you so often see Hamptons Coastal gardens decked out with wicker or whitewashed furniture, timber tabletops, and rustic-style thatched shelters, bamboo screens, or more modern aluminium slat-style fencing.

So do up your deck or patio alongside your wider lawn and garden space. Add in some stylish neutral coloured furnishings, incorporate some potted plants to meld your outdoor living space with the great greenery of your garden, and treat your timber deck so it’s comfortable and splinter-free.

The problem with timber decking, however, is that coastal properties will naturally be exposed to harsh ocean winds and the salt spray that accompanies them. In fact, that’s precisely why your deck may look tired and feel splintery. Because of this constant exposure to extreme elements, coastal homeowners can expect their timber decking (and fencing) to degrade faster than expected.

If you’re looking to replace your timber fencing and decking to ensure the longevity of your Hamptons Coastal garden, we highly recommend investing in Trex composite decking alongside updating your outdated wooden fences and gates.

Set the tone with white picket fencing for your front garden

The last tip we’ll leave you with is this: don’t neglect your front garden design. The best way to create a stunning Hamptons-style Aussie garden is to make sure that your Hamptons elements carry through to the rest of your home – and this includes setting a great first impression with a Hamptons-inspired front garden.

Creating this perfect Hamptons Coastal front garden can basically follow all of the same tips we’ve outlined above. By using Hamptons-style planters, coastal-friendly decking, and durable fencing in neutral colours, you can make sure that your front garden sets the perfect beachy tone for your home.

We also stock white PVC picket fencing that’ll perfectly complement a Hamptons-inspired front garden. Just one look at these stylish fence panels is enough to reveal why they’re so well-suited for Hamptons Coastal garden spaces. The spacing of their PVC slats will help ensure that your front garden stays light, airy, and connected to your wider neighbourhood. And like all of our PVC fencing products, this fence style is designed to pair perfectly with our Hamptons-style planter boxes. So why not complete the look?

Craft your Hamptons-inspired Aussie garden with Outback Fencing

Our collection of fencing supplies and other garden essentials here at Outback Fencing has been curated specifically with Aussie gardeners and home designers in mind. The expansive range of Hamptons-inspired fence panels and other design elements we stock is testament to this.

So if you’ve found a few tips or tricks that have sparked your own creativity in today’s blog guide, then be sure to browse through our products to start securing all the resilient and Outback-tested supplies you need to bring your Hamptons-inspired Australian garden to life.

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